Seasons greetings

Well the weather is frosty, the TV is getting worse (yes I watched Flash Gordan – rather parts of it), and I’ve very little to do at the moment!!! Well apart from spend money – I plummed for a new bike today (I knew it was coming, either in Decemember or Jan!!!) Thats about as much spending as I will do for the next 3 years!!!

Wow its only 2 months until Conya, I might even get to try out my ice tools before then if this freeze keeps up…

Anyhow, thats about as much as I can be arsed to put!!! Apart from Seasons Greetings to everyone – I hope your all fine, and looking forward to the New Year. So this is me kinda wishing everyone a Merry (late) Christmas, and hopefully a Happy New Year.

Oh yeah, my plan is pancakes on the top of Winter Hill if anyone is interested, since going out seems ever more unlikely as the 31st approaches…

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