Its been a little time

Well I could lie and say I’ve been really busy which I kind of have, but that would be a semi lie, because really I’ve been not really busy. Just been a little ill, and well busy with training over the weekends and during the week at walls.

So I spose, how things in the Toon World. Well everything is kinda fine, same old, same old. Although I am starting to feel a lot better at the walls, need to work on a bit more stamina before the end of Feb. See Feb is strength and stamina work. If i can get these two months correct then hopefully it will stand me in good stead for the summer months. Oh yes people want pics on here, regarding climbing, yes John I will get them posted when I get back home tonight I think, unless I end up doing something else…

So what else in the Toon World, well I’m still single, still working for Veritape, still sometimes developing software, still mmm, that about it.

Oh yes I got a new bike which I have been on its pretty awesome have the best hydraulic disk brakes on there, and double suspension.

So thats about it – Toon World view for another week. Damn forgot, but this is coming later have Ashcrofts new album WHICH IS AWESOME. Then I’m going to see him this Sunday as well. Can’t wait.

Well that really is it…