Nearly 2006

Wow, another year has gone by. So whats happened this year to me:

  • Graduated
  • Got a job
  • Single once again
  • Been to Yosemite!!
  • Climbed better (I think!!)
  • Have a blog here – and a website – well its the same thing – at

Then the World in general:

  • London was attacked – it was going to happen in the end
  • Democracy in Iraq? Well its getting there, but I still think the human cost has been too much
  • Earthquakes – India & Pakistan
  • Hurricanes in the US showing up Bush. Ok, there was going to be a rant but I’m going to hold myself back… If you wish to know about the rant, ask in a comment and I might digress, otherwise you might have worked it out for yourself

I think thats about it, yes I’ve missed loads but these where the things that came to my mind first… If you want to add more comment…

Anyhow, I presume this is where I wish you all a Happy New Year, peace and something cheesey like good fortune???

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