This is rather annoying

Well I wanted to post some pictures of climbing on Saturday, and potentially me with the medal on Sunday but alas I can’t upload photos to my blog currently. This is rather annoying, and well this is with Google, so sort it please Google…

I’ll just surmise, we (Will and me/I (for all you grammar freaks)) had a good day on Saturday at Robin Proctor Scar (formerly known as Norber Scar). We did 6 routes with the sun actually appearing for selected moments of the day, but in the end the wind prevailed and we were too cold to carry on climbing… Alas it was a nice way to carry on introducing myself back to the World of real rock!!!

Then on Sunday we went out for a nice orienteer around White Coppice, the competition was laid down, although it ended up not being very competitive. I still beat you Johnboy, Will and Vicky. Someone moved the first marker so I spent 10 mins looking for it, decided it disappeared and carried on… Yes I did run some of it/most of it, and yes did go over on my ankle because of it, but still ended up winning.

Thanx to Pete and Jenny for organising it, was good fun to have a run about after some flags… I will post some pictures soon, or decide whether to put them on another site and link this to there…

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