So many things, so little time…

Well the titles a lie, yes, for once on my blog I lied… Wow, I had semi constructed this post in my head before I started writing, got to here and its all gone…

Right its all filtering back in to the grey matter – must have left for a moment, first things first:

  • Firefox
  • IE 7.0 (Beta)

Well I’ve been quite in to Firefox for some time, but alas I think my love affair is coming to an end… Personally (I know I have customisations on it) but the memory it takes up is getting silly. For example, testing 1 site out on the new IE 7.0 and Firefox, Foxes memory usage is almost double that of IE 7.0… OMG, yes me, approving M$ stuff!!! I know that IE 7.0 is only Beta, and is extremely similar to Firefox, but personally I’m starting to get used to it, and its not has hoggish as Firefox is… So thats the quick technical rant…

Then there was something else, oh yes, I’m gonna be away for a week while I’m ice climbing in Cogne, can’t wait… What else to say about this, well its the first time I’ve been ice climbing. Thats about it, yes I will try to come back with noo black eyes.

Then the final thing is erm… Right there was a final thing, but its not final anymore, its gone!!!

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