I often wonder how much programming would be done without the use of caffeine I mean even thinkgeek sell caffeine… We got limited to decaff in work for about 2 weeks and it was murder… I mean whats the point of having coffee without the most essential ingredient???

What else, well back to training last night for my up coming trip to Conya in Italy for Ice Climbing, can’t wait for the trip. My first ever time ice climbing, this might lead to me aiming for real mountaineering – after reading Andy Cave’s book it did inspire me to do a few really big mountains. However, I do think I would have the fear of loosing fingers for rock climbing through frost bite. Ahhh well, gotta wait and see if I can ice climb first!!!

Oh yes, training so 31 and a bit laps of Preston wall not a bad start for a short arse like me. Hopefully next year (climbing wise) I can achieve some of my big ticks (and push my grade) – Cream at Tremadog, Resurrection at Cromlech, The Axe at Cloggy and many more…

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