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Well I got sent this today interesting interview with C++ inventor. If your not a programmer you might not understand the technical talk, or understand some of the concepts, but its still interesting to see what happens in the IT World. I’m not sure how valid this interview is, I’ve been to his official site and there is no reference to this interview. Whether he would want to be linked to this article is another thing though.

Mmmm, the mind does ponder sometimes. C++ is very complicated but then again I have seen the benefits when I’ve written applications with it. The point about code reuse is very interesting, and maintaining code. However, this is all relative to the company that you work for.

  • Code reuse is only as good as the companies and individual programmers attempt to make there code easy to reuse. If you don’t plan to make your code reusable then it won’t be easy to make reuse of it.
  • Maintaining code is only as easy as the documentation and comments in the code.

NB. I’m linking to the article above just for the interest of people who read this blog, I do not support, or verify that the interview is actually Bjarne Stroustrup views

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